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Industrial Coatings - North Hamilton, ON

"Epoxy Floors and Countertops, More info coming soon!"

Best Industrial Coatings in North Hamilton, ON

We service all the industrial and commercial sectors providing surface restoration and protective coating systems. For interior and exteriors of factories and warehouses, protective linings for storage tanks, piping, infrastructure and marine applications. Our top-tier service is delivered to you by our highly skilled and proficient professional team who bring years of experience and highest-grade equipment and materials to the table; ensuring you get the best results possible. With Abrasive Blasting and Coatings, you can always rest easy knowing you're receiving the best industrial coating in North Hamilton, ON and the surrounding areas.

Blasting Away The Competition!

To ensure we provide you with the best industrial coatings in North Hamilton, ON and the surrounding areas, we start every job we take with diligent and thorough preparation, delivering long-lasting and high-quality results. Catering to any budget and specification allows us to make it as easy and accessible as possible to provide the best industrial coatings in North Hamilton, ON and the surrounding areas.

Our Services Include:

  • Surface Restorations
  • Abrasive Blasting / Dustless Blasting
  • Paint Removal
  • Corrosion Removal and Prevention
  • Removal of Graffiti, Salt and Exhaust Buildups
  • Industrial Coating Systems
  • Storage Tank Protective Linings
  • Commercial Painting
  • Fleet Equipment
  • Epoxy and Urethane Flooring
  • Residential Driveway and Brick Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing and More!

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